Golf isn't just my business, it's my hobby

Escaping a Scottish bunker
Escaping a Scottish bunker

This quote comes from Lee Trevino, probably the most unorthodox pro of his time. In my opinion, Mr. Trevino hit the nail on the head with this statement.


I can most certainly claim that I really love my job – that of a golf journalist – very much indeed, because it combines two things that I love to do: playing golf and telling stories.


My favorite tasks are interviewing golfers, portraying golfers, travel reports and reporting on tournaments. In the last few years, another great interest has been added to the list: The emergence of start-ups and innovative business ideas.


Unfortunately, I didn’t study golf (When will it finally be possible to study golf?) I studied business economics. Although I tried to convince each and every professor at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich to allow me to use the topic of Golf for my dissertation, I ended up sticking to »New Media« as the topic for my thesis. After my studies, I spent 3 years in the editorial office of the professional magazine Golf Journal before moving over to Germany’s largest golf website,, where I spent three years in the position of chief editor. In April 2012, I began working on a book on the subject of efficient practice exercises for golfers, but remained a member of the editorial staff of »Golf with a Game plan« has been available since December 2012 in Germany and since 2014 in the English version. Jumping to 2018: the German version (the name is: Mein Golf Training) is already in its 4th edition and has been sold more than 10.000 times. It has 40+ positive ratings on


For years now, my own golf game has been getting weaker rather than stronger, but because I had the advantage of starting to play golf as a youth, I have a handicap of at least 4. And if I begin making use of the practice tips of the pros in the coming season, I’m sure it will pay off!


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