Train according to a gameplan

Golf training is very complex, and that’s why it is usually done with a coach. However, the main task of the coach is to explain how a technique functions and which swing exercise leads to which improvements. Practice exercises are, on the other hand, seldom recommended by coaches.


You will find exactly these practice sequences – little training plans – in this booklet. The idea is to run through a series of practice exercises in a short space of time, which makes training a lot more interesting.


Because professional golfers and top amateurs also make use of training plans, I asked some of them for advice and was even allowed to spend time watching them during their training sessions. It’s logical actually, because without training plans they would hardly be able to log as much as six hours improving their game every day.  


»Golf with a Game plan« contains 30 different exercises, clearly set out in categories. The booklet should find a place in your golf bag so that you can use it while training. You can also record your results in the booklet, thereby documenting your training progress. In this way you will know whether you are making progress in a specific area.  


Usually it is a lot more fun to train in a team. Don’t shy away from training with friends or other members of your club. For each exercise described, the booklet contains variations for groups or pairs. Small bets are also highly recommended – no matter if it is about buying the next drink in the clubhouse or cleaning your rival’s clubs. It serves the development of some healthy rivalry while putting a little pressure on each participant.