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Practical Golf

"A Great Practice Companion". writes Practical Golf in its review.  


"I wish I had known about it a while ago. It’s a collection of 30 drills for all different parts of your game taken from top names like Phil Mickelson, Paul Azinger, and even Tiger. Each drill has clear instructions along with an illustration. More importantly, it gives you a way to score yourself, and what your goal should be based on your level of play.


The nice part about this book is that it comes in a compact, spiral bound notebook that fits in the palm of your hand. That means you can keep it in your golf bag, and easily take it out during your practice sessions without having to bring a large book around. The book neatly organizes the drills through the use of tabs for your chipping, putting, sand game, etc.I love books like this because they give you a plan. Working on your golf game becomes much easier when you provide structure to the process. A book like this can help with that.


So hats to Mr. Schlitz for coming out with this great little training tool. It’s very simple, and will be effective if you start working on some of these drills.

The Golfing Dads

The Golfing Dads
Review by The Golfing Dads

No matter how good of a golfer we all are, we will always want to improve.  There are a lot of things out there to help us improve and get better but one new device that we found was “Golf With A Game Plan” by Timo Schlitz.  


The book is divided up into six sections.  Starting with the thickest section Putting, then Chipping Green, Bunker, Pitching Green, Driving Range and Course.  Click here to see Steve doing a couple of the Putting drills from the book.  





Dads Say So, “Golf With A Game Plan” is a great training book for players of any skill level.  The beginner can use it to have a plan to practice with and it will help them improve faster than with out the plan.  A better player can take these drills and break up the repetitive nature of just banging balls on the range or from around or on the greens.  It gives you a plan of attack and a way to quickly improve.


Read the full review here

Plugged in Golf


Matt Saternus, Co-founder, Director of Instruction at, did a review on the book. Golf with a Game Plan has 30 drills for “efficient golf training.”  The drills are divided up based on where you’ll use them – the course, driving range, pitching green, bunker, chipping green, and putting green.  The distribution of drills isn’t even – putting has the most (10) and the other areas have between 2 and 5.


All of the drills in this book are solid, but there isn’t any new ground being broken here.  That’s not a complaint – Tour pros are doing these drills every day – but if you’re looking for novelty, this isn’t the place.


Each page breaks down the drill into “Construction” (set up), “Goal,” “Process,” and how to evaluate yourself, while also including ways to increase the difficulty and how to perform the drill with a partner or group.  Additionally, there’s a place to record your scores and progress.  The explanations are clear and the diagrams are great for those in too big a hurry to read 20 words.


For me, the format and presentation of this book mesh perfectly with its purpose.  This is meant to live in your golf bag as a quick way to add some purpose to your practice.


Here is the link to the review.

Aussie Golfer

"Want to have more fun while practising your golf game? Maybe you should add ‘Golf with a Game Plan’ to your golf bag", writes the Aussie Golfer on his review


"We’re selective about what we review here at Aussie Golfer – stuff we like only. So when this little golf book crossed our desk last month we couldn’t resist letting you know about it."


Practising your golf game at the range or even around the putting green can quickly become boring with most of us either cutting it short, or neglecting it altogether. Timo Schlitz’ book ‘Golf with a Game Plan‘ is designed to keep practice interesting, and more importantly, fun.


Golf with a Game Plan is a small ring-bound book containing a series of games and practise drills to play out on the range or around the practice green. The idea being that we all some extra stimuli when practising our golf game, pros included. Nearly all of the practice exercises in the book are those used by professional golfers including Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk.



The book is superbly made. It’s has a hardy plastic cover with each exercise is printed on thick paper so you can keep it in your golf bag without worrying it’s going to get knocked about too much.

Tim Cusick, Top 100 Teacher

Tim Cusick, nominated as "Best Teacher" by Golf Digest, about "Golf with a Game Plan": "The book is nicely done. Very good checkpoints for amateur golfers. Good to store in your bag." Here you find his website


Golf Journal, Germany

"Nice work" writes Stefan Maiwald regarding »Golf with a Game plan« in the German Golf Journal and awards 8 out of 10 points. Here is the entire article: 


We know that we don’t know anything. Yesterday it was Ben Hogan’s »Five Fundamentals«, today »Scope«, tomorrow »Trackman«. Yesterday Dave Pelz, today »SAM Putt Lab«, tomorrow »AimPoint«. And despite all this progress, are we now able to explain the function of a golf swing? No, we aren’t – we are still somewhat ignorant. It’s the same in football. The trainer of the Norwegian National team once said: »We ramble on about pressing and flat-back fours, but we don’t actually know whether it is more effective for the goalkeeper to throw the ball to the defender in a controlled fashion or to give it a hefty kick deep into the field.« And it’s no different in golf: Do we really know how best to describe a classical slice? Has anyone ever made a major effort, with 100 slicers and statistically relevant data? Do we know which chipping method is the most stable, especially under pressure?


I’m reading »Zen Golf« at the moment. The author Joe Parent says: »Don’t practice your putts from two to three meters. « They are certainly the most important when it comes to your score, but on the practice green, you will miss more than you will sink. »And why should you practice missing putts? « Parent recommends practicing very long putts, only in order to practice your length control, and short 60cm putts to give you a better feeling. But here too, we must ask the question: Does this help? Can anyone prove it scientifically beyond a doubt?


My motto is therefore: Rather try everything. Something is sure to work. And that’s why I like the book »Golf with a Game plan« so much. Contained within its 64 pages are many drills including success monitoring for every handicap and a whole lot of interesting ideas such as little bets on the side. Because I am the World Champion of the driving range, I am already familiar with a lot of exercises, but even I found a few good suggestions here, and that says a lot. 


By the way, author Timo Schlitz and I worked together in the same office for two years. For that reason alone, I would like to award nine points, but in the interests of avoiding accusations of nepotism, I’ll leave it at eight. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this book.



Review by
Review by

The Website writes: Golf can be a very challenging game, it’s complex enough that a lot of people will seek out instructors to help with understanding technique in order to try and level up their skills. On top of professional instruction, a lot of practice is required to get good at the game. If you look at a Tour level pro, some of them can practice upwards of 6 hours a day.


Golf journalist Timo Schlitz has put together 30 exercises that are certain to help improve your game by providing a framework for those practice sessions.


Everything is covered in the 64 page booklet – specific sections include: Course, Driving Range, Pitching Green, Bunker, Chipping Green, Putting Green. Besides providing SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant & timebound) practice goals, the “Golf with a Game Plan” offers challenges based on an individuals handicap and provides variations (Gambler’s Tip) that can be tried with a partner in order to amp up the fun level at practice.


Here you can find the full review.

Minor House

Review by MinorHouse
Review by MinorHouse

Minor House writes: "Golf is one of those games best done with proper instruction from an experienced professional. But what baffles most golfers is how to practice between lessons. That’s where golf journalist Timo Schlitz’s Golf with a Game Plan comes in. […] Using this golf training book, you’re sure to get better at the game." 


Here you can find the full review. 

Pivot & Swing

Review by Pivot & Swing
Review by Pivot & Swing

A Review by Pivot & Swing: "When it comes to practicing on the range I’m no Tiger Woods. I start out by hitting a couple 8-irons, then I quickly move to the driver, then I’ll hit that hybrid I’ve been struggling with before pounding a few more drivers. Clearly my practice routine isn’t helping me improve.


Golf journalist Timo Schlitz’s new book, Golf With a Game Plan is designed to help you get more out of your practice sessions. The book has 30 fun exercises with room for notes so you can track your progress. It’s also durable so you can chuck it in your bag and it’s won’t fall apart. Many of the exercises are taken from the routines of PGA stars so they’re designed to be effective and challenging. Just don’t forget to stretch before begin you practice."


Here you can find the full review

Interview with Golf Post
Interview with Golf Post

The website Golf Post writes: "Exercises for amateurs mostly consist of pure technique training. However, this soon becomes too one-sided after a longer period of time. Timo Schlitz, captain of the Beuerberg Golf Club found that a good practice plan was missing, and therefore developed one himself.


That’s why the sports journalist, whose handicap is 4, decided to write his book ‘Golf with a Game plan’, based on the practice sessions of the pros. The 30 units that are described will help amateurs on every level to improve many areas of their game in situative practice sessions. The booklet has been on the market for about six months. It is easy to use, offers a variety for your practice sessions and, most important of all, really helps you to improve your game.


You will find the full online article including an interview here

Recommended reading in the Golf Journal, issue 2/2013: "Practice like the pros”.


There are supposed to be people who willingly spend hours practicing and even enjoy themselves in the process. The new handbook »Golf with a Game plan« […] might motivate those who don’t fit too snugly into this category to spend more time practicing. Author and golf journalist Timo Schlitz sat in on the practice sessions of many pros and top amateurs and picked out the 30 most interesting practice exercises for putting, chipping, pitching and bunker shots for both the range and the golf course. He then formulated them concisely in his booklet in order to help ordinary golfers to improve their game. The practice goals are adapted to suit players on a wide range of handicaps so that they are manageable for players on all levels. In order to increase the fun factor, there are » gambler’s tips« for every exercise, usually little competitions that should spur you on. GJ conclusion: Whoever wants to practice like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Thomas Levet or Carolin Masson should put this practical ring-bound booklet in his bag and take it along to the range or the golf course.

Alex on his Golf-Blog "Timo’s booklet tries just to improve that – organised training sessions on your own. It’s pretty small in size, covered with plastic in order to keep it in the golf bag at all times. In it, you find 30 exercises, bundled in chapters on putting, chipping, bunker shots, pitching, driving and even course management training. Every exercise is explained and accompanied with basic information what you need, how long it takes, how to set up and what the real purpose of all that is. You can check your achievements and watch yourself improving from time to time.


Most of the units are adapted by tour players, so with every session you do, you’ll know that Phil Mickelson is doing the same thing, or Tiger Woods or Jim Furyk. With this you understand two things; the book is useful for all sorts of players, both beginners and scratch players, and even your idol tour player is practicing in kind of the same way.


If you want to improve your skills on the course and if you want to go that bit extra that no teaching pro shows you in the first place, then you are ready for this little helper by your side, right in your bag."


You can read the full article on

Jürgen Allmich writes on Mein Golf Blog:


"Due to the way that the practice assistant is presented, the booklet can easily be taken along to the practice green or the golf course. […] Timo Schlitz is correct in his statement that we can only learn a technique from a golf pro – thereafter, we have to see for ourselves how what we have learnt can be integrated into useful practice exercises . Too often, goal-oriented practice doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Mostly, we warm up a little and then start hitting the ball in any old direction, on the range for example […]


The exercises themselves are also nicely described, and are accompanied by appropriate illustrations. The gear required for each exercise is clearly stated, along with the time required for the exercise and the level of difficulty. The results of the exercises can be entered into the booklet immediately so that you have a record of your progress. […]


I find this booklet to be a well-rounded success in terms of practice assistance. Even mildly ambitious golfers should use it for their practice sessions. According to the motto “Practice makes perfect”, the exercises illustrated by Tim Schlitz will certainly help you to improve your handicap and will give you a lot more confidence when it comes to the diverse range of swing techniques."


You can read the complete article here

"The exercise plan has the potential to become a classic in terms of good advice”, writes Austrian newspaper Golf Week in the September 2013 issue."


»Pro for your pocket« writes the German golfing magazine Golf Aktuell regarding MGT in their current issue. Thanks for the mention! You can read the review in the 3/2013 issue or directly online on the following link


"Handy practice" is how the Golf Revue 2/2013 introduces it. This is the official magazine of the Austrian Golf Association. Thank you for the mention!


The Facebook community "Golf spielen macht süchtig" (Playing golf is addictive), which has over 18.000 fans, writes:


"Only those who hit every ball with a purpose, practice effectively. Timo Schlitz’s booklet "Golf with a Game plan" is not about swing techniques or the right grip for the umpteenth time! It’s about practicing with a purpose, with a goal – specific exercises for the practice green, the range and even for the golf course. Many of the ideas have been gleaned from the pros, but the goals are carefully designed to suit players of different handicaps, thereby spurring amateurs of different skill levels on and offering more fun during practice sessions. The booklet is so small and robust that it can easily fit into your bag, or even your back pocket. We are most impressed, and award the booklet with 5 stars!"


Published in Green, the magazine of the Bavarian Golf Association. You will find the print magazine here as a PDF download


Book critique on, 5 February 2013: "Practice like the pros. This is the mission statement that Timo Schlitz has branded on the banner of his booklet "Golf with a Game plan". In 30 exercises, sorted according to area of play, this ring-bound pocket-book shows you how the pros stay in top form. You will even find drills from Tiger Woods und Phil Mickelson. All of the exercise – for the range and for the golf course – can be adapted to suit a range of skill levels for every handicap, and for single handicap golfers, there are ideas for friendly bets that increase the pressure. Conclusion: A practical guide for the golf course."