What the readers say

"Timo Schlitz’s book shows many useful, motivating, clearly categorised practice games for your practice sessions. This practice book motivates you to practice and your game will definitely profit from it. Besides many exercise units for the short game, there are also many practice games that you can play on the golf course. This book should be in every golf bag. Your game will reap the benefits if you use the book regularly!"


Christian Neumaier, the coach of among others Champions Tour pros David Frost and Terry Pilkadaris

"In his book 'Golf with a Game plan', Timo has illustrated the full spectrum of modern practice methods on a sound professional base. With this booklet, every golf enthusiast will find just the right exercises to improve his game."


Marco Schmuck, proprietor of the golf school of the same name at the Olching Golf Club.

Here you find some reviews from the great forum at The Sand Trap

BENtSwing32 writes: "Super cool little book with 30 different exercises/games to practice. Nothing about swing mechanics mentioned, which is refreshing. It's a nice break from thinking of whatever aspect of the swing I'm working on, and just trying to hit shots/putts."


boil3rmak3r: "I believe this book provides an outstanding array of short game exercises that can help any level of golfer to focus on honing in their 40 yds and in game (including putting)."

Bernd Ritthammer played at the BMW International Open 2013, in which, at 22nd place, he achieved his best result so far, winning over EUR 20.000 to boot.


The Nuremberg pro made a contribution towards the exercise ‘Four Stations’ for “MGT". This is an exercise to improve pitching from four different positions. You will find him here on Facebook, where he regularly reports about his life on tour.

"I have been very lucky to have played 6 or 7 rounds with the best players in the world, but I couldn't learn too much from them. Their thoughts are totally different to those of a normal hacker. Timo plays golf very well. Regularly he makes shots we dream about, and sometimes he is just a good solid golfer. In his book he explains how you can improve your game. His training schedules are very good, and I can relate to them better than a tip from Tiger."


Howard Carpendale, international Singer

"This handy book is a rather good reference for great practice exercises that are used by the world’s best golfers. It is a cool idea and provides excellent motivation for practice. A functional development for all groups of players, even though some of the exercises are very demanding."


Max Tschinkel, Professional at the Pro Golf Tour

"I have just received your practice adviser and must say: Great! Really well done and particularly well thought-through. For a first effort, it is sensational. The design is really nice and it is, above all, very clearly formulated. It is a rare ray of light in the vast desert of golf literature."


Theo Rosenfeld, Hcp. 6

You will find more reader opinions on Amazon.de. A few extracts:


"It prevents boredom and enables you to train effectively, even in a group. I can only recommend it as a secret weapon for everyone. Finally, exercises that really help!" (Florian)


"I bought the book in order to gain more variety and some encouragement for the hum-drum of daily training, and so that I could keep an eye on the documentable progress. I find the “gambler’s tips” for the various exercises really cool!" (4gizmo)


"It is a really nice present for golfing friends, clients and acquaintances. Its fresh style, the practical exercises and the easily comprehensible formulation make it really appealing." (Anna)

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